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//misguided individual//
2. let me draw you
1. get naked

rian - malta/birmingham - vagiterian
witchcraft, glitch art and plant enthusiast
anthrophobiac - herbalist
very misunderstood, aspired illustrator.
~ i make eerie grotesque nude art ~
day: 1008, practicing wicca.
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do you ever stretch and just MAKE THE LOUDEST SEXUAL NOISE EVER

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Anonymous: Tell Us about how You and your Girlfriend met?x x

There isn’t really much to it but alright.

The first time i ever spoke to her was at a guns n roses tribute thingy. We had a bunch of mutual friends so i went over, she said hi, asked me how my name was pronounced so she didnt get in wrong and then hugged me (she’s tiny, so she sort of rested on my chest, it was hella cute)~~~the fact that this cutiepie already knew who i was before i even introduced myself pretty much made my night~~~

Such an interesting story, i know i know;  I didnt see her around for awhile after that though. But when i did she caught my eye instantly, she’s pretty hard to miss, this quirky individual with a ridiculously contagious laugh, a mohawk and the biggest brown eyes you ever did see. 

A solid 4 months past and i came across her blog. Turns out she’d been having a bad time, but as much as i wanted to help, i was too scared. I was always warned about her, the girl with the mohawk. I spent alot of time basically trying to get over someone who wasnt mine to start with, it was pretty weird if i do say so myself. But i gave up on that, so i did what any social reject with a crush would do ~~~flirting via reblogging anything she posted to do with sex and relationships to let her know i was down~~~ ahahah im such a creep. I guess it worked though. She recognized me. Most likely as the tall british one that held onto that hug a little longer than she should have at the gig last summer, but it’s whatever :)))))))))

I got this anon one night, we spoke for a few days and though she was too shy to tell me who she was, she did eventually. I wanted it to be her so badly, so you can only imagine how happy i was. We spoke day in, day out; a month or so passed and somehow she ended up on my doorstep at three am. I began seeing her almost every night after that, that soon changed and things got complicated but hey six pretty chaotic, awkward, messy months later, i get to call her my girl

Not going to be easy, but totally going to be worth it.


list of cute things

  • you
  • also you
  • hey look you
  • and you
  • wait wait wait
  • you
  • you’re cute

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